Personalized routes using AI
Navigation in cities that are not cycling-friendly can be a hustle if you don't have a personalized journey made as green and tailored to you as you need. We partner with the best AI tools to provide you the personalized route app. Your behavior and preferences are taken into account and optimized on your city layout.
Personalized bundles for commuters
Your A to B routes from home to the office will generate a cycling potential and we will help you keep motivated on getting to your weekly goals! Using rewards in partnership with your employer, we enable commuters to choose more green options with our tailored bundles. 
Micro mobility choices for every taste
MaaS concepts are still in their infancy but on our marketplace, they come together to serve commuters in a variety of bundles and alternatives specific to every city and taste. Simply choose a provider and start riding. We take care of your invoice in one place.


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