Basic A-B with 2 switches

When you're commuting from home to your office, you want as much convenience as possible. Switching potential transport means is tiring and complicated. We help you choose your optimal daily route and allow you to switch completely the types of transport 2 times/ month. This means you buy I subscription and get up to 3 types of mobility services.

Starting from 80 euro/ month
Green Commuter - up to 2 transfers and full multimodal

This package allows you full flexibility to add and remove your modes of transport on a daily basis for up to 2 transfers per segment and have it all billed at the end of the month. This way you will benefit from the option to add more green modes as you wish.

Starting from 150 euro/ month
Cycling Commuter Package

You are the eco-friendly commuter that wants to optimize their commuting costs while still getting on time to the office and avoiding bad temperature days with the option to add public transport as you wish. Most of your travel will be done by bike but you want to maximize your travel allowance and be rewarded for your green commute. So you'll benefit from the EU governmental allowance of 1,9 euro/km and you will add that to your savings while keeping a flex option on public transport for 20-30% of your total commuting days. The company will pay to us and we transfer to you your rewards based on self-reported travel data. We trust you go green!

Starting from 160 euro/month

by Linked Locked Cycles BV
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