Engaging employees to meet sustainability objectives together

It's easier than ever to collect the data from your employees because now the work is shared between employer and commuters. Our system makes it simple and convenient to report commuting and we use technology to learn from patterns and improve the experience with every usage.  This way employers can support their employees in reducing the CO2 emissions from commuting together. 

How it works



Personalized route planning

Visualizing impactful alternatives to the commuting patterns that are less sustainable will help employees benefit from enhanced awareness over their choices and the CO2 emissions. Making it easy to do the right choice is the first step in making a change!
Mobility benefits

Learning from each employee what works for them, HR tools will now benefit from an alternative to one size fits all for calculating allowances and making personalized benefits packages that fit with the real needs of commuters to support them in their behavioral change journey. 
Accurate reporting

A reliable and engaging partner in collecting the data from employees across the organization. Our survey takes into account as much data as you need and as granular as you need to take decisions and fulfil compliancy duties. 
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