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We’ve worked on a dynamic formula that allows us to do group or individual levels to calculate the probability of commuters using green alternatives like bikes, e-bikes, pedal scooters and e-scooters. 

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“Our company is situated in the heart of Amsterdam and respects the environment by encouraging all employees to come by bike. I come by 90% of the times and I would use this product to be more motivated to stay healthy and fit while also being rewarded for my green commutes.”

— employee
“Our consultants have to work from the client in 90% of the cases and we switch every 3 months projects which makes our travel planning a headache. But your solution provides us the flexibility we need and it complements our internal policy of having an employee benefits package we can tailor to our needs.”

— Deloitte Consultant
“Our employees are probably the happiest employees in the Netherlands thanks to our care for employee satisfaction. We encourage green commuting and it fits with our employer branding strategy and transformation direction so we're happy to provide a more flexible transport stipend personalized to our employee's needs.”

— Philips policymaker on payrolling


We'll let you know when we launch the platform. Stay tuned!
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